Thursday, October 11, 2012

33 Reasons to Use Imaging-Based E-Labs: Student Feedback 

The benefits of inquiry-based learning experiences, which provide the foundation for Science Approach's e-labs, are highly touted by educators, theorists, and designers as the way to engage learners of all ages in science education. This week, Science Approach started posting testimonials from students about its inquiry-based e-labs.

We're happy to report that student feedback supports what educators and educational theorists have been saying for decades:
  1. Inquiry-based education is more memorable than textbooks or other forms of static content delivery.
  2. Data gathering and analysis helps students focus and work with the concepts being covered in a lab.
  3. Actually using technologies employed by scientists is valued by students.
  4. Doing science is more fun than reading about science.
  5. Doing science helps students feel as if they are scientists.
Scroll through the comments below to learn what students liked about our labs.

Other benefits of our e-labs included the convenience of doing a lab on one's own time and working with a system that provided support for all aspects of the learning experience, including writing essays. More on those aspects in a later post.

Visit Science Approach's website for more information about our e-lab offerings!

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