Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Faculty Comment: Inquiry-Based Learning Online Works Where Lectures May Not  

From a faculty member about our "Seeing GABAA Receptors At Work e-lab:

I just had an unexpected, pleasant experience that I thought I’d pass on. One of the students who did the GABAA pilot test on campus came up to me, out of the blue, to tell me that he learned more from the GABAA module than he ever learned in a class. It was interesting that he was apologetic about dissing lecture … I think you’re on to something!

Pilot test results indicate that Science Approach's inquiry-based e-labs, which use real neuroimaging data from experiments conducted by leading neuroscientists, reach students who may be turned off by traditional methods of instruction.

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  1. Popular discussion on education as well as recent findings in the learning sciences tell a similar story. The model of education typical of 20th century classrooms was effective for that era of human history, but the ‘knowledge society’ we now live in requires new thinking about what constitutes effective and engaging teaching and Inquiry based learning.