Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Science Approach Receives Innovative K-12 Neuroscience Education Grant!  

A student counts newly born neurons

I am pleased to announce that the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development has awarded a Phase I SBIR award to Science Approach for VoxelDiscovery 5-8: Engaging the Middle Grades in Visualization of the Nervous System. The project will empower middle school students to use modern neuroimaging research to collaboratively evaluate scientific evidence about the impacts of personal choices on oneʼs brain. Over a five-year period, the project will develop and test ten e-laboratories (e-labs) and corresponding tablet-based applications (apps) that engage students in visualizing and analyzing data from current neuroscience research to explore questions relevant to young adolescents: (1) Are all people wired the same way?; (2) Do women and men think differently?; (3) How do the foods I crave and eat affect how I think and feel?; (4) How is my brain changing as I grow up and why do I think the way I do?; (5) Is exercise good for my brain, too?; (6) Whatʼs wrong with telling a few white lies?; (7) What happens to my brain if I am happy or sad? Can I change it?; (8) Whatʼs wrong with staying up late to play video games?; (9) Can I really become addicted to video games?; and (10) Are alcohol and other drugs really that bad for my brain? Each e-lab/app combination will be designed to be accomplished during three standard middle-school class periods. Work on the project will begin on 1 March 2012. Science Approach will work with elementary and middle schools in Tucson and across the nation to develop and test the VoxelDiscovery e-laboratories. The project includes prototyping and testing of the e-laboratories in collaboration with the Upward Bound program at Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona. The VoxelDiscovery 5-8 project is funded as part of the Innovative Neuroscience K-12 program of the National Institutes of Health.

Steven Moore, Ph.D., CEO of Science Approach and Principal Investigator, VoxelDiscovery 5-8

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