Monday, October 24, 2011

U.S. Federal Innovation 24: Sesame Street

Sesame Street Logo
Conceived in 1966 by John Ganz and Lloyd Morrisett and funded by a combined grant from the Carnegie Foundation, Ford Foundation, and the U.S. Federal Government, Sesame Street was conceived as an antidote to the addictive, but hardly educational content provided by commercial television for children. It was the first research-based children's television show. Premiered in 1969, the show has been the subject of over 1,000 research studies. Over its 42-year history, Sesame Street has received accolades and criticism for its educational content and progressive values. In 1970, for instance, the show received a Peabody Award and three Emmys. In the same year, Mississippi's legislature voted to ban the show because of its integrated cast. As of 2009, the show had racked up 118 Emmys, more than any other children's television show.

Source: Wikipedia.

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