Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To Steve Jobs From the Former PC Guy in Our Shop: Thanks

When I was hired at the Center for Image Processing in Education (CIPE) (the predecessor to Science Approach), it was a Mac shop. One of my roles was to be the PC guy. I had the first PC laptop, lobbied for the business office to have PCs, and guided development of our Windows friendly products. As our company changed and PCs became more dominant in K-12 education, I eventually became the only person at CIPE, and later Science Approach, who regularly use Macs and PCs. So, I became the Mac guy and worked hard to preserve Mac compatibility. I've been using Mac laptops for the past 10 years and won't go back. Jobs' vertical integration of Apple products allows the OS to be elegantly tailored to the hardware and vice versa. I now own a Macbook Pro, iPad 2, and a iPod Touch. It's only fitting that this tribute to Jobs is being typed on my iPad while laying in bed with my son Keegan. Tonight, we watched some of the DBacks victory over Milwaukee on my iPad until Keegan rolled over to go to sleep in the seventh inning. Jobs' hard-nosed innovative style and attention to user-centered design changed the way we do things. Apple has certainly changed the way I do work and how I think about design for customers. Thanks, Steve Jobs. Steven Moore, Science Approach CEO

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